Managing Director

Arman Notghi studied microbiology and zoology in Edinburgh and Scotland, and genetics and immunology at the university of Mainz in Germany.

Arman Notghi held research positions at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Mainz and worked as a post-doctoral research scientist in the Collaborative Research Centre. His eight years of work experience allowed him to gain a deep insight into basic research, as well as the organization and conduct of research projects on chronic hepatitis C and B infections, HBs-vaccine, PBC and HIV infections.

Dr. rer. nat. Arman Notghi worked as a consultant for a major German pharmaceutical company, Schering AG, on the implementation of global data management systems, database design and training of personnel in data and document management systems.
Prior to that, he worked at an international Contract Research Organization as a Clinical Research Associate and consultant. His responsibilities included coordination and monitoring of studies, preparation of protocols, case report forms, patient information, and conducting clinical trials in a range of indications such as AIDS, oncology, cardiovascular disease, and dermatology.
Dr. Notghi has published a number of articles in peer reviewed journals and has given numerous presentations, seminars and symposia on a whole host of topics. Publications

In 2008 he became shareholder and managing director of Dr. Notghi Contract Research GmbH.