Food supplements & Supplemental balanced diet

Human studies or studies on the dietary management for special medical purposes are increasingly demanded by the Authority EFSA. They serve on the one hand as protection of the consumers and on the other hand they provide a high marketing potential for your products.

Are you a manufacturer of foodstuffs for normal consumption or of dietary supplements? Do you want to register health claims to increase your marketing potential?

Are you a manufacturer of dietary foods for special medical purposes and need a scientific proof of efficacy to use disease-related information effectively?

Since years we carry out clinical trials, food and nutrition studies or studies on the fulfillment of the nutritional requirement of supplementary balanced diets for many years. In order to achieve profound scientific significance of the results, we conduct studies even in these product groups according to ICH-GCP.

In addition to the proper conduct of studies, in this area are questions concerning the delimitation to medicines or other product groups as well as a thorough knowledge of food law, in particular the dietary regulation of far-reaching significance. We therefore work closely with the RDA Scientific Consulting GmbH to reach your objective efficiently and successfully. The success of a study depends on the legal framework and the opportunities and should therefore be carefully planned.

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