Quality Management

Of great importance apart from a reliable technical support in the planning, conduct and evaluation of studies, is a wealth of experience, efficient work and compliance with quality standards.

Clinical studies carried out by us are strictly executed according to ICH-GCP and ISO 14155. Employees who do not work directly in the field of studies are also trained regularly. The quality of our studies and projects are very important to us and therefore we place a high emphasis on the motivation of our employees, the understanding and the quality of their work.

In addition to a pleasant working atmosphere, the employees often get a comprehensive all-round view. In practice, it has been shown that the trend towards specialization of employees results in a more experienced handling with specific work processes but also that the knowledge about other fields of activity leads to a better understanding and to an avoidance of problems. Therefore it is possible for us to also control our interfaces.

A discreet handling of confidential information is assured through regular training and appropriate agreements. Furthermore, the success of clinical trials, human studies and nutritional studies depends significantly on the quality of the captured and processed data. They must already be considered in the planning phase.

Dr. Notghi Contract Research GmbH provides the highest quality standards and is aware of its situation in an increasingly competing and for a maximum of quality striving market.

In addition to the general implementation and continuous improvement of work processes and quality measures, the topic of sustainable corporate management and control is an important aspect which has to be considered continuously in the daily work.

The aim of quality management

  • standardization and optimization of working processes
  • Implementation of legislative changes
  • High quality through secure working processes and flexible communication structures
  • Complaint Management

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